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So whatever happened to the Mayann update?

2020.03.28 21:56 GlargBoy So whatever happened to the Mayann update?

I remember a couple of years back there was a huge deal being made about a potential Mayann themed community update coming to tf2. Even the winglet made an SFM animation about it with over 1.8 million views, but recently I've heard little to nothing about it. What happened?
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2018.05.24 02:50 DogeIsBaus Happy 2nd anniversary from r/tf2!

Just wait til you get to 10.
Also, if you haven’t watched it yet: Overwatch Vs. TF2 - The Winglet - [SFM]
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2017.09.09 01:28 LittleDinghy A Guide to TF2 Youtubers!

I figured that since many people are getting really antsy for the new TF2 update, I'd put out the most current version of a list I've been working on for a while. I've been collecting a list of TF2 gameplay youtubers. This game has a surprising amount of quality youtubers for how old it is. When I was collecting this list, I kept getting astounded at how much it's grown in the last year. I've discovered new youtubers (such as Lukey Pooky), ones I had somehow missed (such as Imbiez), and revisited some old favorites (such as Stabby).
If you've got the time, I encourage you to visit some of the channels on here that you may not be familiar with and give these great content creators some love and views. All of them have content worth watching, and it may encourage you to fall in love with the game all over again, even in its current imperfect state.
Note: These are gameplay content creators only. I know UEAKCrash and the Winglet are a fantastic youtubers in their own rights, but I just don't feel like I have enough knowledge of the youtuber mappers, competitive casters, and SFM creators to make a list anywhere near comprehensive. Even after restricting myself to youtubers that produce TF2 gameplay footage, I feel like there are many quality TF2 youtubers that I have missed. Feel free to bring those to my (and others') attention in the comments. Especially if they are a newcomer (or relative newcomer)!
Note 2: These are in no order. This list was started as a series of post-it notes that I made on breaks at work, with each youtuber getting their own post-it note. So they were very jumbled and I couldn't be bothered to try and put them in any semblance of order.
EDIT: Here is a shortlist of ones I have been informed that I left out: Casperr, Sirky, Sir Stanger, Weegeepootis & Ray, Snow, TooftyTV, After Breakfast, Ray, TF2RJWeekly, Rob the Awsm, The Virtual Economist, Displeased Eskimo, Glassy Gaming, Strife, Grizzly Berry, PyroJoe, Zero, Zenomite, HiGPS, Xenogene.
EDIT: u/TheMiiChannelTheme made a great list of competitive casters/youtubers here. Check out his list!
Active TF2 Youtubers
Retired TF2 Youtubers
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2017.04.27 16:57 Fredstar64 The Golden Days of TF2

The days of Star_ and Jerma, of the Pump Brothers and Jerma is Mad pt.2
The days of Rubberfruit and Dr Face, of Kitty0706 and his Team Fabulous 2
The days of LazyPurple and Muselk, of NISLT whose videos were always new
The days of Krunkidile and his TSAs, of Wrath and his TF2 review
The days of Arlix who was the best spy on YouTube, of Sketchek who was an amazing Pyro
The days of Ethiomod and Crash Maul, of the Winglet and his Zero to Hero
The days of Practical Problems and all those SFM classics, of the Saxxys and the Story of a Sentry
The days of the Saharan Spy and the old Dead Ringer, of unbalanced weapons like the old Mini Sentry
The days of pub servers where all the fun were at, of when Valve cared more about weapons than adding in new hats
The days of Mann-Conomy and all the wonders it brought, of when a key was 3 ref and buds were actually sought
The days of Sniper vs Spy and Soldier vs Demo, of Mann vs Machine and all the contracts that came with Gun Mettle
The days before Star_ became Ster, the days of Love and War
The days of when Valve actually cared about this game, and now that they don't it's just not the same
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2016.11.16 13:01 Blubberibolshivek tf2 movie by valve.a good advertisement for a 9 year old game?

as usual and im not the only tf2 player daydreaming about this.after watching some saxxies(and especially timeless thief by winglet)i was daydreaming that valve and their employees will someday get togethor and agree to make a not a short film but a full 90 minute movie.imagine if valve just straight up want to repair the damage they done to tf2 and make it up for us by releasing a 90 minute tf2 movie.not only would the movie be awsome(because as we know all tf2 shorts never fail to ammuse us with its valve humour)but it will be great advertising and appealing to people who never heard of it.if valve ever went that route not only would it save tf2,but it would bring more players into the game as this would be a big advertisement to tf2.what do you guys think?is tf2 deserving for a movie?isnt an 9 year old innovative game deserving to have a little recognitioin?im not saying make a 90 minute movie and post it on youtube im saying that valve should make a full legit movie in sfm like rachet and clank probably not the only one craving for this anyone else?
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2016.01.05 10:13 SunnDAYY Making FREE SFM POSTERS

[I'M NOT A MACHINE. I CANT DO THEM INSTANTLY] I have been learning SFM for quite a bit now. I'm willing to make FREE SFM Posters! :D I'm not as good as "The Winglet (He's one of the best TF2 SFM Animators)" so i'm sorry if it's not as good as you were expecting. (I'M STILL LEARNING HOW TO ADD PAINT TO COSMETICS. I CANT DO REQUESTS WITH PAINTS ON THE COSMETICS) Here are some of my works: (Album)]
How to request? Hats, Cosmetics, Map, Unusual Effect (optional), Weapon Holding (optional), Team Color. (I CANT DO PAINTS YET)
IF YOU WANT TO DONATE ME TF2 ITEMS, CLICK HERE TO SEND ME TRADE --> Thank you! Anything is accepted :)
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2015.07.12 00:45 TheBigKuhio This made me intensely cringe.

Alright, so I recently found out that Zajcu37, some kid that makes shitty [email protected] SFMs, has more subscribers than The Winglet, a very talented TF2 SFMer. Just... why? Zajcu seems to crap out a new video every weak, while Winglet's big videos takes months to finish. My body feels weak now.
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2014.07.10 18:10 weap0wned ZERO TO HERO - a unique TF2 project introduced in a 5-minute SFM movie

For 6 months now, a modest TF2 community has striven to rebuild the forgotten empire of jumping. On every field (trading bots, TF2 servers, social networks, official website), we have worked on a unique mentoring system to provide jump help for any player, beginner or pro jumper, and created a brand new jump community which gathers the best jumpers and less advanced players who share the same passion.
Today, I am proud to introduce you to our brand new movie, Zero to Hero, in collab with the incredible SFM movie makers Callegos Yavolitak, the Winglet & MrEtmer; a 5-minute story of what jumping could become thanks to our modest project.
Enjoy the show.
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REACTION!!! - Overwatch vs. TF2 [SFM] The Winglet - YouTube REACTION!!! - The Art of Spychecking [SFM] The Winglet - YouTube Reacting to The Winglet (Overwatch Vs TF2 + More)

The Winglet - 나무위키 - Namuwiki

  1. REACTION!!! - Overwatch vs. TF2 [SFM]
  2. The Winglet - YouTube
  3. REACTION!!! - The Art of Spychecking [SFM]
  4. The Winglet - YouTube
  5. Reacting to The Winglet (Overwatch Vs TF2 + More)
  6. [SFM] FORTNITE VS. TF2 - YouTube
  7. Reacting to Overwatch vs TF2 SFM by The Winglet

Decided to take a dive into the glorious SFM content from an awesome SFM animator. Here's my roundup reaction to Winglet's Channel Trailer, The Bolted Behemoth, and Overwatch vs TF2. Thank you for ... Hi, I'm The Winglet I'm a 3D animator, and I make short films in Source Filmmaker. I animate a lot of Team Fortress 2 videos, some Overwatch ones, and even some original IP stuff too! Subscribe to me for a steady stream of animated entertainment! Join my Facebook page and Steam group for updates on movie progress! Reacting to Overwatch vs TF2 Episode 2 SFM by The Winglet - Duration: 9:30. Daxellz 1,189 views. 9:30. BEST OF SWAGGERSOULS 2019 - Duration: 1:01:00. SwaggerSouls Recommended for you. New; Hi, I'm The Winglet I'm a 3D animator, and I make short films in Source Filmmaker. I animate a lot of Team Fortress 2 videos, some Overwatch ones, and even s... See PART TWO of FORTNITE vs. TF2: Check out my best video: A battle of the communities. Voice actor... Back here from being gone for a week, but today I'm reacting to Overwatch vs TF2 [SFM], and originally made by The Winglet, You can watch the original in the link below! Hope y'all enjoyed this ... Today I'm going to be reacting to The Art of Spychecking [SFM], and originally made by The Winglet, You can watch the original in the link below! ... TF2 Reaction! 10 Team Fortress 2 Trailers ...